Thistle do!

This is weird… Colour blindness is something that is hard to understand unless you have it. But this weird eye/mind thing is probably something explainable I just don’t know what it is… But I’m sure one of you will know.

I even asked our resident expert Dr Geek and he was very baffled.

For whatever reason when you take a picture of the Thistle SLS Markers, the colour the camera sees is different to your eye's. We have taken several pictures and colour corrected them but even from monitor screen to monitor screen the Thistle SLS Markers look different… Aaaaarrrrggghhhh.

We have updated the images on the web site and here (below) but again from screen to screen this might be different. I guess it’s an issue we will always have with what our minds eye’s see and what a computer sees. You can clearly see the difference here from the colour corrected image (which is a lot closer to what it ACTUALLY looks like) compared to the image in the Dr Geek picture.

So, who knows why? Let's hear it !

Remember, every day is a school day.



  1. u need to check white balances and colour calibrate yur monitors, Ledz!


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