There are a lot of teams out there rocking Eclipse gear. From the very top of the pro brackets all the way down the ranks. But each and every victory means as much to Eclipse as it does to the team and players that are involved in the victory... We salute you all.... We just wish a few more of you would spend the time to get let us know about your win... It makes us happy, you do want to make us happy don't you???

One such Victory came via e-mail from team 'Affliction'. They simply wrote a few words and a couple of pictures and here you have it.... Well Done Affliction...

Adolfo Estrada told us this:

The SCPL event was great. Ever since we started playing all we know was NPPL rules. We never played any PSP formatted event so for us this was a whole new game play with side line coaching and Ramping. We went into this event strong and determined to make a name for ourselves. We had a blast at the event all our friends were there for support.

Aaron ran a great event. It was a grind for us because we lost our second match badly. That one lose that we had gave us the drive to make kills on the break and over load on the snake. To tell you the truth when we made it to semi’s it all clicked together. Guns shoot phenomenal. No doubt that we will always use an Ego marker over anything else.

We ran through the semis and made it to the finals. We played again the team that gave us our only lost. This was payback because we wanted to prove that all our practice every weekend for the past 6 months was not in vain. Overall, after that flag was hung we knew we concord a huge obstacle. We all knew that day, as we were driving back home that we just didn’t win first place but we were hero’s that Sunday and that’s all that mattered.