Clean Sweep @ MPL Mexico

At the recent MPL event in Guadalajara which saw nearly 40 teams battle it out in the Mexican heat for podium spots the Eclipse teams dominated through the ranks.

With their recent affiliation with the PSP all seems to be going really well down across the border for Jose Luis Daniel Velez and the rest of the MPL organisers. For more information on the MPL check out the web site:
In the Open race 2 Division- Eclipse teams locked out the 1st through 4th places:

1st TJ All Starz - Gold

2nd Over Head

3rd Heaven and Hell

4th TJ All Starz - Black

In the intermediate division team Blackout took 1st place, Marc talked to Fernando from team Blackout about the weekend and this is what Fernando had to say……


Team Blackout in the direct elimination round (race to 2) firstly had to face our brother team Black Out B, they won the first game, and we got the following 2.... the second race to game we played against Wizards from Queretaro but we were decided to win so we did both games :-)

So we passed to the finals battling for the first and second place, we were going to play Naughty Jakals from Guadalajara.. The Home team favourites.

We started the first game 5 on 5 getting one off the break going for the dorito side, I made a delay on the first finger and then went to the corner on D side but they got me when I was about to get to the bunker, then they got our snake side Mayan temple, and after that I didn't see that much because I was in the box, but we managed to get 3 of their guys before they get our snake guy out, so basically it was a 2 in 1 in our favour. We had one Blackout guy was on 50 dorito & the other one was at Snake side MTemple and they pinched out the guy that was on snake side corner, when our guy from MT moved forward he hurt his knee and fell down, he just got up back again to shoot out the NJ corner guy and he fell down again.

Medics came and told us that he couldn't play for at least 1 day, but we were going for the final game and our roster was barely complete (5 guys only, the other guys got stuck on school things) So we played the finals 5 on 4!!

I told our team they would expect us to play behind and slow, so we did the exact opposite thing (you can see this in the video) We took one out off the break and started going forward going from 5 NJs to 0, with 4 Blackout players still alive.

The crowd start to cheer but not that much because we have beating a home team hehehe.

so thats it we came to be the first place....

So thanks again Marc and Planet Eclipse for being there with us (with the markers and support). We also got a lot of fun talking to Gerry and Jose Luis latter on that night…. But that’s another story ;-)


Well done to ALL of the Eclipse teams at the MPL in Mexico…. The Emortal Army rolls on and on !!!!



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