Diamond Wars Info & Video

Now it’s getting a little warmer some of you fair weather players (including me and the Sandbaggers) will start to dust down there gear and get themselves back into the woods..

The Diamond Wars (DW) run by NPF are already in full swing. The next leg of the story is this coming weekend (Sunday the 25th April).. Here is a little bit of intel from the NPF Crew:

Episode 4 of Diamond Wars Series 3 in this Sunday 25th April. Fast track option is still available, so if you wish to pay in full, in advance, you will beat the queues on the day! Please call for details! Hope to see you at the Weekend. To book, or to inquire give us a call on 0121 3273961.
The NPF Crew.


And to get your juices flowing here is a nice little video !