Eclipse Bunny Tour !

The Eclipse Easter Bunny is on its travels this weekend down to the NSPL Tournament @ Bricketwood, Nr St Alban (Down Soooouuuutth) UK.

Dotted around the site will be 30 ‘Healthy’ Eclipse Easter Eggs. Find one and you are already a winner, but you could get an EXTRA prize! Each egg has a yummy treat inside and some also have a prize for you to pick up on the day. If you’re lucky enough to find an Eclipse egg and it has a little prize message inside you will need to track down the Eclipse Easter Bunny (Nicky T), show him your prize and he will hook you up.

Prizes to be won:

5 x Eclipse Emortal 2 DVD
5 x Eclipse Distortion Playing Jersey
2 x Eclipse Elbow Pads
1 x Eclipse Knee Pads

13 Prizes (It’s Nicks Lucky Number).

So get down to the NSPL this Sunday and see if you can bag a freebie… The Bunny will also have some Eclipse Stickers with him so even if you don’t find an Eclipse Egg you can still go and pet the Bunny and see if he will give you some stickers (he likes his chin stratching :-)

The Eclipse Bunny is also quite knowledgeable so if anyone has any questions about anything Eclipse don't be afraid to speak to the Bunny (Nicky T)... He doesn't bite (much).

From everyone at Planet Eclipse, Happy Easter!