Now thats a good idea !!!

So what do you do if your whole country is 1 million degres below zero and covered in snow and you NEED to play paintball?? Kristine from the Slagen Bandits and an Eclipse Sponsored players lets us know........

If there is no place to play paintball – you just make one!

That’s a great spirit and exactly what some of the creative and motivated kids we know, with good help from their mum (Liv), did. It took two Slagen Bandits Jr players, a Vendetta player (another team nearby) and a really committed mum. The kids had only one Christmas wish – some bunkers, some reballs and a place to shoot each other to pieces.( I guess there is no surprise when I tell you that the kids who had the original idea are brothers☺ )

The mum made some calls, rented a sports centre and bought some bunkers and some reballs – you don’t have to make it harder than it is. After the first initiative was taken, the whole Slagen Bandits family pitched in to help. We scrambled together all the leftover bunkers we could get our hands on, the kids made snakes and other bunkers out of benches, handball mats etc, the parents went off for some more reball-shopping, and voila – there it was – our own reball arena☺ thanx to the creative and driven brothers Edward and Haakon (with a lot of help from their mum, Liv) who made this snowball roll in the first place.

The arena is almost a full size Millennium field with a great floor to slide on and even a kitchen so the paintballers don’t starve during their long drilling hours. Finally we only had one hour to drive to practice in the off-season instead of two, and also in a larger, great lit and better place. Reball-euforia ☺

The local kids, the parents and the Bandits Jr kids, they’ve all done a remarkable job to get this up and running. It’s not a permanent place, so we have to rig up and down each time, but it doesn’t matter; some creative ways to pick up reballs and with a whole team motivated to help, just longing for the next weekend – easier than making toast☺

Here is a video of the result starring some of the kids who started this:

I know it’s not a professional reball-arena, but you don’t need that to be the best, you only need to practice, practice, and practice. And with our smooth running guns and no hopper jams – it’s a blast.

One other really great thing about this, besides the fact that the Bandits have a great facility off-season is that they run “open days”. It’s open for anyone who wants to try playing, and new paintballers just pop up like mushrooms☺ You can already see it in their eyes, some of them are going to be in it for the long run. It’s a great way to introduce the kids for the sport. The club have also made a deal with the Norwegian Paintball Association, so the kids who want to play there regularly can sign in and get the practice for only 5 euro.

It’s an amazing feeling to see the kids skills improve as they run around there every hour they can. Now in the Easter-holiday they have practiced almost every day.
If this keeps up, were gonna have some scary good small kids on Bandits this season, so don’t feel safe cos it doesn’t matter witch division you’re in – we’ll be there☺
We’re going to have at least 4 teams in the first event, one Elite(top division), one div 1, one div2 and one div3 ☺

And there is more to come, I’ve only just begun the mushroom harvest ☺

So long for now, don’t feel safe!




  1. Great job guys! We look forward to meet your teams during the norwegian events. In Alta we just phoned the local school and got 3 hours practice a week, slightly smaller space though.

  2. Yes we Bandits are going to cleen all tables this season.

    So watch out :D

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