ArtifacT # 1 (ETV) LIVE & FREE !!!

ArtifacT 1 is now live…..

Yesterday Artifact ETV ranked in the Top 50 most watched & most favourite sports clips on Youtube!!

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"Make 'Em Hurt" is the first video in a new online paintball video series produced by Planet Eclipse, creators of EGO paintball marker, called Artifact.

"Make 'Em Hurt" follows Chicago Aftershock during the first event of the 2010 PSP Series held March 17-19, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Artifact is a collection of 10 minute documentary shorts, which will be released monthly throughout the 2010 professional paintball season. The videos are narrated by acclaimed commentator, writer, and retired professional player Matt Marshall.

Produced by Planet Eclipse, in association with Deep Elm Records and Disconnected Media.