Black Karma..What Goes Around....

Planet Eclipse would like to welcome another Scenario Team to growing ranks of the Emortal Army, Black Karma. We are excited for them to be part of the Emortal Army and look forward to sponsoring them for the 2010 season and beyond !

What goes around comes around and Black Karma has been delivering in large scale scenarios and regional tournaments for over a year now. Made in old school fashion, Black Karma is an up and coming scenario team from the Southeast, rooted in honor, sportsmanship, and plain old having fun. The team was born of very traditional roots in northern Alabama – son gets hooked, then gets father hooked, father gets friend hooked, friend gets brother-in law hooked, and so on. After playing several large scenarios in the southeast at premier fields like Ft. McClellan (MOUT) and Bearclaw, the team adopted a fledgling 3 man group from Nashville. The Nashville group had been playing regional 3-man and 5-man tournaments on top of several scenarios and had been looking to form a scenario team as woodsball is what they enjoyed the most. The two groups met over several scenario games at Bearclaw Paintball playing with and against each other. Once together, the full Black Karma team has been very successful in the scenario world with MVP, MVT, XO, Sportsmanship, and General awards. The team is growing fast and is expanding its schedule to deal out more Black Karma on the Southeast. What goes around comes around… Black Karma is proud to be sponsored by Planet Eclipse and Action Paintball Store for the 2010 season. We look forward to representing their guns and gear on and off the field.