Boston draws 'Bloodline' in the sand.

When battle commences you have to decide where you stand, which side you’re on and who (and what) you want by your side….North East team ‘Boston Bloodline’ have drawn there line and joined the Emortal Army….. Everyone at Planet Eclipse welcomes Bloodline to our family and look forward to watching and helping them grow into a New England Power House team of the future !!!!

Anthony tells us a little about the team…

If there is anything that Boston Paintball has been to the sport of paintball for the last 2 decades, it is Committed. Paintball is not just something this company does for a living, it is in the blood of everyone who has made the company and all it encompasses what it is today, and that common vein runs through owners, employees and teams alike – making it not just a company but in fact – a family. The name Boston Bloodline comes from more than just a name tossed in a hat by a bunch of players looking for something to call themselves, it comes from what they truly represent – a long line of family, the next generation… and so the torch is passed.

The team Boston Bloodline was originally a 3 man rookie team in the NEPL called the Predators.5 in 2006. The team was started by Anthony Vitale and Mark Lawson. The team had a rough start and placed 10th for the season. The following year the Predators moved up to the 5 man rookie division where they took 8th place that season. The team went through a rebuilding process in 2008 adding new players including Jeff Macari, Mike Zirpolo, and Zach Beland and decided a new name was in order – and so Boston Bloodline was born. This new team would compete in the novice division in the NEPL. Bloodline would go on to take 1st place for the season. After that season Anthony Vitale, Jeff Macari, Mike Zirpolo and Zach Beland got picked up by Somerville Crisis for the season competing in the AXBL. Bloodline did not compete in the NEPL in the 2009 season. After the 09 season Boston Bloodline with the help of Boston Paintball decided that they would rebuild the team after the AXBL announced they would not be around in 2010. The team came back from Crisis with Anthony Vitale, Jeff Macari, Zach Beland, Chris Alt, Anthony D'ambrosio, Gabe Ricard, Chris Beamon and Brian Pierce. Eric Hart along with Mark Lawson will also see a return to Bloodline for the 2010 season. The team will compete in the NEXL and PSP. The team hopes to have a great season, practice hard, and is looking forward to being Boston Paintball's premier team – it is after all, in the blood………………


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