Carnage in Germany.

Camp Carnage a Planet Eclipse Factory teams from France took the trip to Germany to play the XPSL.... And they didn't do too badly. By the looks of it (last picture) they might have also won over the ladies !!! This is what the Carnage guys had to say:

German Open XPSL in Mendig !

An important and exciting new mission for the French Paris Team Camp Carnage: To represent Camp company, Carnage Pro HD paintball and Planet Eclipse in Germany!

After going to to play the Millennium event in Spain “Malaga”, The Camp Carnage Team attended the XPSL rendezvous in “Mendig”, Germany, The XPSL is the new German Open which regroups all the most popular and skilled German teams coming from all the different leagues.

Saturday Games: Neon Factory, Unleashed, Powerplay & Daltons.

1st game Carnage/Neon Factory – 4/2

We had never played Neon Factory before. They are a very robust team with a strong paintball flow, they don’t give away points easily, but we won!

2nd game Carnage/Unleashed – 4/0

We only bought 6 players to Germany, in the pit next door they seemed to be over hundred Unleashed players, yet, we are not impressed.
Our team Captain « Maugino » did a really great job, he prebunked several running players on every point! We won that game easily.

3rd game Carnage/Powerplay – 4/3

Our last one game of the day! Powerplay, a Millennium D1 team, they play an aggressive game, they are fast and have a lot of technical experience
Each point is difficult to take, we start with 2-0 and then 2-2, then 3-2 and 3-3.
That evening we wanted to sleep serene it’s important for the next day morale, and even more important: To pass the cut!
We played it with all our guts and we were able to grasp the last point! We got our win.

Sunday, early in the morning we were on the field to watch games. The Powerplay / Daltons turns out to be a very tight game…our big qualification game is to be against The Daltons.

4th game Carnage/Daltons– 3/4

The Daltons, they watched all of our games carefully ...We took the first two points easily, 2-0, then they completely change their tactics and grow to 3 in the dorito quickly. They are very solid, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, it hurts, we start to add penalties on our side, but finally we score and it is now 3-3.
The Dalton’s are going to beat us !!! . They did a great job blocking us in the snake, a bunk then followed a series of rapid movements on the dorito side, the last point goes for Dalton.

End of Prelims !

5e match Carnage/Coming At Ya

Even with that loss we finished first in our group, we passed the cut and into the semi-final match, against Coming At Ya, a Millennium CPL team ... Our hearts were beating fast, our blood pressure high, our defeat against Dalton fresh in our minds.
In the Pit we knew that defeat is now synonymic of “return in France”
Both teams play fast and hard, Camp Carnage takes the first point, 1-0, then 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1! Bam Bam Bam; 4/1


We make it to the final with a big smile! We have two teams to play, on the time table we see: Carnage, Coming At Ya 2 & Daltons ...

6th game Carnage/ Coming At Ya 2

While playing against Coming At Ya 2, two of their players really shine, a fast and technical insert snake side and an attacking wizard dorito side.
Christine Van Truong was just exceptional; she just shot everybody she saw all day long! We later heard that it was her first competition... Just Whoaaa!!! We won the game by changing our field position to counter both players, well done Carnage….. 4/1

7th game Carnage/Daltons

We still have to play Team Daltons again, this time the goal average is in our favor, but we are not allowed to lose, we want to win the return game against them. The Daltons team gives us trouble, but our willingness to take the first place is too important, our aggressive game was the right choice and we got a well deserved result of 4-2!

The Germans gave us a huge reception, we greatly appreciated it.
We wish to thank all the teams and especially Neon Factory for their help in the final phase.

Our special thanks go Christoph Hoffmann for his hospitality, a fantastic XPSL structure and the great German organization.

Of course non of this would have been possible without:
Camp Company for the fantastic PRO HD paintball, their help and support all year around
Planet Eclipse for EGO and GEO markers and 2010 eclipse gear
Dye for the I4 goggles and ROTOR loaders

Roster :
Gregory Maugino
Max Gorecki
Nicolas Rembert
Alexandre Pizon
Kevin Lamarque-Lalanne
Mathieu ROMERO

Well Done. Carnage... EMORTAL ARMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!