Ebay Auction on RARE Ego9/10 Hybrid

I thought you might like a little heads up grabbing something quite rare and a little special....

This is the 3rd and Final Hybrid EGO9/10 EGO's we will be selling…..

Starting price is $0.99 on Ebay.. So someone could get a BARGAIN !!!


During the development of every new model there comes a stage when we are 90% happy with the design and modifications and want to start field testing. For obvious reasons it is virtually impossible to field test with anything that looks like a finished product, because paintball players are a canny bunch and would notice that what we were playing with was different from what we were currently selling.

So in order to test new parts or theories or designs we often create test mules, or hybrids. Hybrids are often older gun bodies modified to take newer parts.

And that is exactly what we have here.

These Ego9/10 Hybrids were the final stage of the development process of the Ego10 prior to going into production. Basically, every part of the gun is an Ego10, barring the external appearance of the body. They have the same external profile cuts to the body as the Ego10, even takes an Ego10 badge and an Ego10 cut Cure3+ bolt. They have the pressure release porting for the LPR and the body porting for the solenoid paths and the Torpedo are all very close to the Ego10’s final specification. They even have Ego10 boards with the new firmware and the larger, replaceable display module.

Only 20 of these Ego9/10 Hybrids were ever made. They were originally shipped all over the world to Beta testers to give feedback on prior to Ego10 production commencing. As such, they are very rare beasts. Some of the Hybrids stayed with their testers because they loved them so much, and some were returned to be replaced with full-fat Ego10s. Either way you would be extremely lucky to ever see 2 of these at the same field.

For the reasons mentioned above, the ones we are selling here are USED. They are not new and are not being sold as such. They have been played with in varying conditions around the world so will show signs of light wear and tear. Of course, on returning home the Eclipse HQ here in Manchester UK they were all stripped, inspected and re-built as part of the appraisal process, and if any changes have been made to the markers it is only to bring them up to the latest specification.

All 20 were anodized the same color combination which is Black with Blue parts. This gun is even more special with SUPER RARE blue grips.

Happy Bidding!