Germany Millennium round # 2

Last weekend the Millennium series round # 2 took place in Bitburg, Germany. They also managed to squeeze in some more of the games missing from the Malaga Ash round # 1 event.

This was also the first time that most of our Pro teams (CPL) a few SPL and Div 1 teams got their hands on the GEO2 markers. Some teams had the chance to train with them a few days before but for some it was a case of pick them up at the event, open the box and hope for the best… And that’s what they had delivered ‘The Best’ The results from the weekend were amazing for the Eclipse teams. As the CPL managed to finish the Malaga, Spain and Bitburg, German events it was a double header !!

First up they finished the German events and 3 out of the top 4 teams were Eclipse teams all rocking NEW GEO2’s. In 4th came Chilli Peppers, 2nd were SK Moscow and in 1st Place were Dynasty Impact… So that was a fantastic end of the event…. But there was more to come as they managed to get the rest of Malaga CPL games finished…

Again 3 out of 4 teams were Eclipse teams. In 4th place it was Chilli Peppers again, with Icon finishing in 2nd place behind back to back, never done before two tournaments in one day winners Dynasty Impact !!!


Fantastic results from all of our teams out in Germany (Well done to Dog’s Damour winning Div 1 as well). The event was real good, weather was perfect and the guns rocked…. In all of the different launches we have done this one has blown me away the most. I have never been complimented on the guns performance and asked for guns off so many people before… Watch out the GEO2 is here… Get behind one!!

See you all in the UK for round # 3 (Campaign Cup).