LAPPL Venezuela Regional

LAPPL Venezuela Regionals.

Looks like our teams had a very poor show at the LAPPL Venezuela Regional event. Out of the top 8 places (4 in each division) Planet Eclipse teams only managed to take 7 trophies home :-)

Another absolutely brilliant result again from our teams. Congratulations to all of the teams that bought home a cabinet full of trophies for the Emortal Army…..

D2 (LAPPL’s Top Division)

1st Place Rangers
2nd Place Fusion
3rd Place Vixxens
4th Place Mantis


1st Place Blackout
2nd Place Haka
3rd Place Lycans
4th Place Tattoo

Next leg is the 15th and 16th May in Guayaquil, Ecuador (XBall Race to 3 Format).

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Here is a little video from the LAPPL Peru Regional you might have missed?

I could be wrong but I’m sure this player at 1:15 is a little young, and he’s got no hopper !!!

Warning… Sweating in the song in the video.. Sorry not my fault.