LOD Join the Emortal Army!

At Planet Eclipse we don’t ‘JUST’ support the top Pro teams from around the world we are also proud sponsors of teams at every level.. Every great team grew from humble beginnings and we understand the struggles teams go through, we celebrate every success and feel the loses as the teams do….Everyone at Planet Eclipse would like to welcome Team LOD to the Emortal Army!! We wish the team the best of luck for the 2010 season and the future.


Team LOD, based out of Argentina, was born as a gamer clan in 2001 (fans of Doom from iD Software, Doom2 and Quake series), and later evolved into a Paintball team, first playing scenario games (in 2007), and later, permanently opting for speedball (in 2008), when we finally replaced our mechanical markers by electronic ones. We incorporated 2 new players in 2008 and we are currently competing in national and international speedball events, D2 level. We are a responsible and dedicated team, we are committed and determined to improve and we take sponsorship very seriously. Our ultimate goal is to win the TAP2010 (Argentina), classify in CSP (Sud-American Cup) and to play in the PSP World Cup 2010 (USA), and we believe with Planet Eclipse’s support it could be instrumental in helping us grow and improve. We are hungry to improve and grow, and we offer you our best efforts.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and especially Planet Eclipse for the chance to support their brand this year. We feel that our team can improve this year and place in all our upcoming tournaments with the reliability and performance of the Ego, Etek and Geo.

• Cristian Cinic” San Emeterio (captain) Age: 33
• Ivan “Sayta” San Emeterio, Age: 29
• Patricio “Pato” Imerito, Age: 29
• Matias “Matt” Maniotti, Age: 30
• Sebastian “Negro” Donovan, Age: 32
• Alberto “Axis” Antelo, Age: 31
• José Sebastian “Nightmare” Herrera, Age: 26
• Fabian “Fabikim” Kim, Age: 28
All team use Ego10 and 1 ETEK3 LT

Our sponsors are:
Planet Eclipse (www.planeteclipse.com)
Guerrill Air (www.guerrillaair.com)
Punishers Paintball (www.punisherspb.com)
Ramping Store (www.rampingstore.com.ar)

Practice Schedule:
Wednesdays (Reballs, drills)
Saturdays (Pellets, games)

Tournament La Liga Paintball 2010 (Argentina)
- Round 3 (May 9th) 3° place

Tournament La Candida Lopez 2010 (Argentina)
- Team 1 D4 (April 17th) 1° place
- Team 2 D2 (April 17th) 2° place
- Team 3 D2 (April 17th) 5° place

Tournament La Liga Paintball 2010 (Argentina)
- Round 2 (April 11th) 1° place
- Round 1 (March 24th) 3° place

TAP 2009 (Argentina) (Link) (national event, 3 Cities) (National Sub champions)
- Round 3 D3 (Dicember 13th) 2° place
- Round 2 D3 (August 23th) 4° place
- Round 1 D3 (June 2th) 2° place

CSP 2009 (Brasil, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina) (Link) (international event, X-ball, 6 Countries) (Latin-American ranking 25° place)
- Round 6 Amateur (Argentina) 10° place

Copa Los Haroldos 2009 (Argentina)
-Round 1 (August 8th) 1° place

Copa Porteña de Paintball 2009 (Argentina)
- Round 1 (March 14th) 5° place

La Liga Paintball Cup 2008 (Argentina)
- Round 1 Open (13th December) 1° place

TAP 2008 (Argentina) 5° place
- Round 3 Open (December 7th) 5° place
- Round 2 Open (November 8th) 5° place

Schedule 2010:
• MARCH 27TH – Open seasson 2010, La Liga (Argentina, Capital Federal)
• MARCH 27TH – 28TH – CSP 2010 (Colombia – Bogotá)
• APRIL 11 TH - La Liga (Argentina, Buenos Aires)
• APRIL 17 TH – La Candia Lopez (Argentina, San Andres de Giles)
• May 9 TH – La Liga (Argentina, Capital Federal)
• JUNE 13th – La Liga (Argentina)
• JUNE 19 TH – La Candida Lopez (Argentina, San Andres de Giles)
• JULY 4 TH – La Liga (Argentina, Capital Federal)
• JULY 16th – 18th – CPS 2010 (Chile – Santiago)
• SEPTEMBER 04TH – 05TH – CSP 2010 (Argentina)
• SEPTEMBER 12 TH – La Liga (Argentina, Capital Federal)
• NOVEMBER 27TH – 28TH – CSP 2010 (Venezuela – Caracas)
• OCTOBER 21 TH – 24 TH – PSP World Cup 2010 (Orlando, USA)
• NOVEMBER 14 TH – La Liga (Argentina, Capital Federal)
• DECEMBER 12 TH – La Liga (Argentina, Capital Federal)
• DECEMBER 18 TH – La Candida Lopez (Argentina, San Andres de Giles)
• DATE TBC - TAP 2010 (Torneo Argentino de Paintball, to be held in Capital Federal, Córdoba and Buenos Aires)