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Planet Eclipse would like to congratulate all teams that attended the event and especially all the Eclipse sponsored teams. We also would like to thank Mega Play Paintball for putting on another great event and Mike and PJ from ESP for teching Eclipse markers for the teams at the event. We look forward for the rest year and good luck to all teams attending the next event.

Below is an on-line translation of the event !!

In the last end of week, days 15 and 16 of May, the Mega Play Morumbi received 2ª stage from the Brazilian Circuit of Paintball. Of this time, a Field Layout more opened with few bunkers, provided to gorgeous plays and many bunkeadas. To they had all been 27 enrolled teams in the event and more than 140 departures. To each stage, the CBP is consolidated as an example of organization and paintball of quality. The teamses of the Amateur category had given a show and the teamses of had pro disputed point the point its classification. In this stage, the JBZ was unanimous, the teams Jungle Boyz and JBZ AM were sagraram champion of the two categories. imgi3Com the same nº of teamses of the passed stage, the organization opted to keeping the format of games. The teamses, divided in three keys had played 8 departures each. In the first phase of the match, the four better amateur teamses of the key would classify, three fans of key B and three fans of key C. In the category Pro, the classification criterion was run points and the five best ones pontuados would go for the semifinals. In Saturday 98 games had been carried through. The key opened It the match with the debutantes Braves Red and Carioca Legion. The teams Carioca Legion played with only 4 players, for problems with the fulfilling of roster, but exactly thus the teams almost classified. Valley to stand out that this was the only team with a woman in roster, Stefany Cross, that, courageous, faced the challenge and came the SP to participate of its first championship of paintball. Mines of Gerais and Braves Red had made good left and had guaranteed its classification. Ninjinhas Mega and Pinta the Drill had also passed to the second phase. Legion Carioca and Bushido Fire had stopped for there. Of the teamses Pro, the Robberies the front of the JBZ and the Mercenaries in this key was more than 30 points. imgi2A key B still initiated its games per the morning with the Fan Ninjinhas JR facing its teams older brother, Brave Ninjinhas. In this, the aspirings had surprised and led best with 4 livings creature, cravada ownership and. JBZ AM played well and guaranteed the vacant in the semifinals, together with Ninjinhas JR, Bushido Ice and the Hellcife Team, “stopped” teams that always it comes northeast to play the CBP. The Cariocas of the Ink Red had won its two first disputes, but a succession of defeats had after not obtained punctuation enough to classify. Speed Freaks Beta and Niterói Storm had also not classified. The Advantages Suminami and Brave Ninjinhas had lost few departures, but they had not reached a high punctuation very. Key C carried through 26 departures in Saturday and finished the remain in the morning of Sunday. The Braves Team surprised at good games and was the teams Pro with the greater nº of points of the first phase. Captain of the Ninjinhas Delta was penalizado in the second departure, and on account of this, the teams had that to enter in field with 4 players for the three following departures. Exactly thus, the faces had made good games and had obtained the third better general punctuation of Pro in this phase. The Sabotage, teams of Porto Ferreira (SP), also ordered very well. After many bunkeadas, they had guaranteed its place in the semifinals. The champions of the fan in the passed stage, Ninjinhas Black, and the Cariocas of the Papeletto Dark had also classified. Robberies Júnior, Dangers, AC/DC and Mines of Generalities PDQ had not obtained enough punctuation. imgi4Os amateur teamses had been divided in two keys with 5 teamses each for the games of the semifinals, in which, optimum pontuado of each key place would dispute 1º, and as better pontuado of each key rank would dispute 3ª. In, points the Pro zeroed and new dispute for run points. In this category, the teamses Mercenários and Brave Ninjinhas had not classified. In the second phase, after 4 departures of each team, had been defined the participants of the three ends best. In the Fan, miners x Cariocas if had faced for the third place in the pódio. The Papeletto Dark if strengtove, but nobody did not have pra. Mines of the Generalities ordered ink in them and won the two first ones broken. For the heading of champion of the Fan, JBZ AM faced the champions of the category in the first stage, Ninjinhas Black. Two victories after followed, the boys of JBZ AM had taken the trophy of champions of the Fan. imgi1Em Pro, Rapinas and Suminami had literally fought for the third place, relieving to the two teamses penalizações that will go to load for the next stage. After stress of some players who always lose the esportivo spirit, provokes or if they leave to lead for provocations, the peace was reestablished. The Suminami was defeated in the two departures and the Robberies finished best leading. One more time in the CBP, we had the classic, tense and disputed final between Ninjinhas Delta and JBZ. The Ninjinhas Delta won the first departure, the Jungle was successful second. Plus a departure between great the e, of this time, the JBZ finished the battle and conquered the second victory in this edition of the CBP. Gratefulness to the sponsors Dye, Eclipse and Severe, to the team of judges, the employees and collaborators, the teamses and its familiar and the presence of gun techs Mike, PJ (PLanet Eclipse) and Mikko (DYE). It confers the general classification HERE. I wait to review them in 3ª stage of the CBP in days 21 and 22 of August. Soon photos in the Gallery of Images of the CBP. Writing for Karina Simões Organization of the CBP " As I said, in the awarding of this stage, I was created the Federacy of Paintball of the State of São Paulo, entity that will have as objective: to stimulate, to develop, to divulge, to conciliate, to promote, etc… the interests of the federalists and, mainly, to represent and to give legal support to the sport. Soon we will be postando information for clarification of the activities of the Federacy.

Rodrigo Fukuoka
Organization of the CBP Fpesp" director;

1st – JBZ
2nd – Ninjinhas Delta
3rd – Rapinas
4th – Suminami
5th – Braves Team

1st – JBZ AM
2nd – Ninjinhas Black
3rd – Minas Das Gerais
4th – Papeletto Dark
5th – Sabotagem

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