Running Wild !!!

From small acorns, grow great oaks !!

Running Wild Paintball started off in business with kids as young as 16!!! Just shows that if you put you mind to it you can do just about anything...

Johnna tells us a little more about the field and a very unqiue opportunity they were fortunate enough to granted with help from Biz Kids…

Running Wild Paintball had the opportunity of a lifetime to be one of the very few people that have been able to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. On April 28th with the help of the Biz Kids they were giving the opportunity to do so.

Running Wild Paintball was going to wear the Eclipse Roman PK and Classic PK shirts while ringing the bell but unknown to them, they had some tough rules in order to enter the NY stock exchange. They could not use phones or cameras and had to wear suits. Otherwise would of been nice seeing them on national TV with some nice Eclipse shirts.

Running Wild Paintball Field was started by John Johnson (16 at the time), Ben Johnson and Kirk Schrier. With the help of friends, family and the great town of Nunda.

Nunda, NY has been amazing. The Baldwin family (Baldwin Accounting and Tax service) and Mr. Luehman (Luehman Land Surveying) own the land that we use for the paintball field. They have been kind enough and amazing enough to allow us to rent the land to use for what they pay in taxes. How great is that! Amazing people seeing something special in these kids and willing to help out.

Doris Marsh, was the kids high school principle (Keshequa Central School) , gently pushed John into a the YEA program at the State University of NY at Geneseo college. This helped him get his into a Young Entrepreneurs Academy, which helped him learn how to start up a company.

Then there were numerous people within the community that volunteered and pitched in to help in giving supplies, time, advice and help. To name a few people who helped… Brett Pirece and his family, the Green family, Dansvile town and country and

Since the Kids have done a great job starting a business at such a young age the Biz Kids did a video about them and the field. While wearing Eclipse Jerseys and using an Eclipse marker the Biz Kids interviewed John Johnson and his business, Running Wild Paintball.

We would like to thank Planet Eclipse for their support in both events. It was greatly appreciated.

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