Seek and Destroy

Seek and Destroy celebrate their 2nd year as part of the Emortal Army.

Seek and Destroy started out many years ago as a few guys shooting each other in their backyards with paintball guns. They soon discovered that there were many fields coming into being all over Southeast Virginia. In October 2005 they decided to attend their first scenario at Splatbrothers field in Hopewell, Virginia. They found a large diversity of players from the hardcore teams to the father and son recball players. There were no age, sex or racial boundaries and players were represented from all walks of life. The sport brought all players together on an equal field of play. The only variable was the guile and skill of the players. This had a great appeal to them. It was at this moment that Seek and Destroy was born.

Through the years, more players were added and even a young guns division of the team was started. The team has earned recognition as a solid force to be reckoned with, but at the same time remains fair and true to the heart of the sport. They know how good it feels to get that impossible shot and to get someone out. They also know how it feels when the person they shot cheated them out of it. They strive to never take that joy from anyone who honestly deserves it. The goal of Seek and Destroy is to play for fun, to play to win, to play with fairness and to make new friends. While they do play hard, they also are not afraid to take the hard hits, while always striving to uphold the rules of play and fairness.

Seek and Destroy has won numerous awards and commendations from events attended. They have been quoted in the NY Times and Paintball World News as well as pictured in several issues of Action Pursuit Games. They have gained recognition and sponsorship from companies such as Planet Eclipse, FirstCall Paintball, and Fox Brothers Paintball. Seek and Destroy is a family of paintballers from very diverse backgrounds united under one cause; to have fun, play fair and win through the sport of paintball.

Seek and Destroy has grown to 31 players, and they now own 41 Planet Eclipse markers, soon to be 44 when the new GEO2 is released. These markers include EGO05's through EGO10's, SL74, SL8R's, SL94's as well as the new SLS. Planet Eclipse markers have proven to be dependable and built to last, Seek and Destroy is proud to be part of the Emortal Army family.

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