Stolen GEO

More dirty scum bags were out and about at the Millennium series in Germany last weekend!!

Team Icon had an ICON GEO stolen at the event. Serial Number 50030-02621 there are not many of these in existence and this one also does not have the original eye covers on it. It has Silver ones (see picture below).

Please report this gun if you are offered it and please don’t buy it. Whoever stole it is a scum back and deserves to burn in the fires of hell.. I’m fed up with people thinking they can just take stuff that other people work hard for…. If you’re the one that stole this gun, go and find a mirror and have a bloody good look at yourself. Do the right thing and contact Planet Eclipse on or Icons captain (Cyril) on

Lets stop this happening !!!


  1. 一間沒有書的屋子,正如一個沒有窗子的房間。......................................................

  2. Awe dude! I feel for you! this is terrible, I can't imagine how I would feel if someone stole my 09 baby!

  3. we need lo-jack on our gear so we can catch these scumbags. i had 1500 in gear stole at a tournament. i feel your pain

    team alter ego

  4. god really people? Why do people insist on taking other peoples stuff. These guys bust there butts to get where they are and people treat them like that.

    Wow its sad. I hope you guys find the gun ASAP


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