10 Things you might not know about me !!!

10 Things you might not know about me… This crazy world of Paintball we all immerse ourselves in drags us from A to B and back again, but who is it that is behind the Mask?? We are going to start to ask some of the Pro players in the Eclipse Family to give us some insight into there psyche. I’m a strong believer of not asking anyone to do something that I’m not willing to do so here is my ‘10 Things you might not know about me’

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Enjoy…. LEDZ

Basic (Boring) Info:
Name: Antony Leadbetter
Nickname: Ledz
Age: 39…. OK I’m 40 !!
Team. Operation Sandbagger, Coach for Firm and Ex Nexus and Banzai Bandit
Job: Co-Owner of Planet Eclipse.

1. I hate family video’s of me as a teenager. Not sure why just do. If the family ever get them out I’ll leave the house rather than watching them.

2. A like hot sauce a lot but everybody thinks I like the super hot stuff which isn’t true. Tabasco is the king of hot sauce and I bow down in front of it. The Habanero Tabasco has a great taste and the perfect heat. The Super hot sauce is for friends that think they can handle anything hot... Fools. Check out the Eclipse Hot sauces they are lush !! 3. In the middle of summers there are still some dickheads driving around with fog lights on, when it’s not been foggy for months. If see one on the motorway I’ll pass them, get in front and flash my fog lights for ages until I think they get the hint then I’ll let them overtake me so I can see if they have turned them off.

4. I like collecting coins in a big jar. Ever two years there is normally enough for me to buy a new snowboard which is nice.

5. I do wee in the shower.

6. I’m a sucker for good eye catching packaging. For example cheese wrapped in some old fashion type paper gets me a lot more excited then something in a nice clear plastic wrapper. It’s mainly food stuffs that get me but other items packaged well turn me on.

Examples… Richmond Sausages Kick Ass.. But there packaging = EPIC FAIL.. I would always buy the others.

7. I like talking to checkout people in supermarkets. I just think they do a good job and it must be pretty boring so if I make them smile and there day go a little quicker then that makes me happy too.

8. If I didn’t have to work to earn money I would do one of the following:

Shopping Trolley Police. I HATE people who just dump the trolly in the car park when there is a perfectly good place to put them 5 meters further away… Very Lazy !

Bus Shelter / Phone Box Ninja. It amazes me that the people that actually need bus stop shelters or phone boxes are the same idiots that smash them up !!! I’d love to catch them and then smash up their stuff… They make me sick.

9. E-Bay. If I find something I need (For example I’ve just been looking for a phone charger) and I find it and it’s for a very small about like £3.25 I’ll still spend another 20 or 30 minutes looking for one for £3.10. I know I’m doing it, I know it’s pointless and costing me money but I just can’t stop myself.....

10. If I get excited or VERY nervous it makes me throw up. It still happens when I’m playing Paintball, even when I’m coaching I get this adrenaline buzz that ends up with me doubled over wrenching.


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