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Team Brute Force General Red Team at Modern Warfare at P&L Paintball

As we pulled out of our meeting spot with cloudy grey skies and the weather report on the radio we were all worried of what the day may bring. This was the first time in the history of the team was Brute Force ever honoured with a general position in an event; There was no chance that rain was going to keep us from winning. Over the last four years as a team, Brute Force has attended 14 major regional big games and scenarios and up until October of 2009 we held an undefeated record, we were hungry and excited to bring another win home with us.

We arrived at P&L Paintball at 6:30am, the majority of the crowd wasn't even awake yet but from the time we entered the front gates we were already running our game plans. It took us 20 minutes to set up our four blue Planet Eclipse canopies and tables when disaster hit. It felt as if the heavens opened up and there was an ocean falling on us. Rain fell hard as it thundered and lightened all around us, barely could we count one Mississippi from the time of the flash to the boom. Five minutes of intense downpours and we knew we had a problem. The location on which we set up the canopies was low compared to the area around it, we started to collect water smack in the middle of the Brute Force Compound. We started small with using water bottles and pods to fill and throw the water outside to keep the water level in the puddle low. But after five more minutes of bailing out we knew we were fighting a losing battle; we had to move. Jarrad Gilbert and I pulled our cars up to the edge of the canopies and began loading anything that wasn’t water proof; the 20 cases of paint, the gear bags, and of course the Dunkin Donuts. Once loaded we untacked the canopies and with all 12 members on the ready we moved half of the compound over 30 feet. With success now it was time to move the other half, leaving just a few people to ensure the moved half wouldn’t fly away. We started to move the other half. A huge gush of wind came and literally picked up the first half we moved and the 3 people holding it down. Now all of us muddy we rushed to get the compound back together. 15 minutes of struggling we finally had completed the task. We successfully moved our compound 30 feet to the left through intense thunderstorms and rain. And to our aggravated delight once everything was back set up inside the compound, it stopped raining.

Once the rain had went away and the skies started to lighten Steeel Reserve the team hosting the event started to go around and get everything in place, it took about an hour to get the game rolling but when it started everyone was ready. Sean Connell and Cameron Eames from Brute Force were the designated General and XO of the Russians or Red Team, however each member of our team had walkie talkies and were ready to help. We put on our Team Jerseys, filled all 70 pods of paint and loaded them into our packs and backpacks, filled all of our tanks to the max and prepped our EGOs, and ETEKs, Put in new Energy Paintball Batteries, and set up our Pinokio Hoppers for the carnage that awaited us.

At 10:30am the game officially started, Sean immediately pulled everyone to the front lines, and Brute Force spread out on the front knowing our radios would be the red teams primary communications. Within the first hour, we had to send back members to staging to refill our pods, many of Team Brute Force waiting with no paint as we hoped our runners would return in time with paint for the blue teams next push. The front lines battling continued all day up until around 2:00PM, never once did the Red Team lose our front lines grasp. We successfully held all day and at 2:00PM the game was paused and everyone exited the field as we prepped for the final battle. We checked inventory of how much paint we had left and we were down to 8 cases of the original 20. None of us knew what the points total was and many of us were afraid to go check; All we knew was that there was no way we were going to lose again. Steeel Reserved prepped us for a Take the Town finale where the red team including the Fuzzy Bunnies, CTC, Brute Force and others defended the Town as the blue team attacked. The one hour finale was intense, Team Brute Force held the left side of the town both up stairs and downstairs while the rest held off the right side, never once did any of the blue team reach the flag stations! The game ended as you heard the town erupt with excitement, Brute Force walked off the field tired, muddy, covered in paint, and pods empty. The EGOs and ETEKs performed flawlessly all day with zero hiccups or bumps, Never once did I break a ball and despite the incredibly high humidity the paint shot flawlessly. Everyone gathered around to hear the final score of the day and to receive the raffled off items. Steeel Reserve reported that the blue team had 1000 points, and that the red team has scored 2400 points! It was an exhausting and exciting day and you could tell each member of Brute Force was excited for our next event as we packed up our equipment loaded the cars and left the field.

Special Thanks to Steeel Reserve for hosting an incredible event, Brennans Smoke Shop for a good and fair fight, and all of our sponsors for there incredible support, We would not have been able to be what we are and do what we do if it wasn’t for you!


Planet Eclipse would like to thank Team Brute Force, PnL Paintball for hosting the great event and all other Eclipse sponsored teams for attending the event. We appreciate all the support that everyone showed us over the weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next event!!

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