Dynasty Clinic .... ACT NOW !

A few shorts years ago there were all sorts of Pro players from around the world travelling to the UK to hold clinics. These clinics were extremely valuable insights into the game and teams attending took the next step in becoming the best they could be !!

It’s been a while now but the Dynasty boys are looking at making another trip over to the UK.

Problem is that if everyone that said they are going to come to the session did come it would be very much over-subscribed, the other problem is nobody is coughing up the deposits which is needed before the Dynasty guys will book their flights (very understandably). So here is your kick in the ass to get yourself sorted out and booked in and PAID UP. Apathy is killing us all and unless you actually sign up this GREAT opportunity is going to pass you by and the Dynasty guys may never be been seen over here again…. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen!!!!

These boys have the SKILLZ !!!!