NorCal Big Game....

Over 300 people showed up to play at the NorCal Big Game June 5th, 2010. The event, which was the largest Northern California has seen in 15 year was held at Davis Paintball, in Davis California, near Sacramento.

The 300+ converged on Davis Paintball to participate in the unique scenario based games that were held throughout the day, to enjoy the free lunch, support their local stores, and to win a prize amongst the $5000 worth of products that were handed out. Products were donated from Eclipse Paintball, CCM, Karnage Paintball, TFM Paintball store, Predator Reloaded paintball store, Spyder, and Azodin. The big prize that everyone was after was the 2010 Eclipse Geo+ that ended up being won by Nate Jefferies of Team Armed Force Pump.

Davis Paintball would like to that all the sponsors, refs and players for making the 4th NorCal Big Game such a hit.

Look For the 5th NorCal Big Game in the fall/winter of 2010.

Check out the web site for more in (CLICK HERE)

Calander of events here: (CLICK HERE)


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