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What better way to tell you about the NEW Planet Eclipse GEO2 that to simply cut and paste a review from one of X-Factors Pro Players Grayon Goff’s Blog?

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My real name is Grayson Goff, George only comes out at night. I've been playing competitive paintball since 2001 and for the past few years I've been involved with San Antonio X-factor. Paintball has given me such a wonderful opportunity to live life to its fullest and I'm taking advantage of that every day of my life. This blog will chronicle those journeys...


GEO2 Review

This past weekend in Nebraska I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of the new Geo 2's from Eclipse. Like usual, the gun came in the metal zipper case I've come to like very much. It's the perfect size to carry everything you need and still fits inside any gear bag. The gun, the tools, lube, and the barrels, everything you need is in this little box that can take a beating.

Ok, now on to the gun. As soon as I could get it out of it's case I had it aired up and ready to go. As with any Eclipse Marker, the only trigger adjustment I have to do is back out the top most forward screw. I have no idea what the screw is for but I've done with all my eclipse guns since 2006 and it always make the trigger perfect [See Jack Woods Notes Below]. With that out of the way, I donned the .689 back, my prophecy and tank and was ready to rock. The first thing I noticed was how much more stable the gun felt in my hands. The small distance added to the gap between the trigger frame and reg was perfect. I felt like I was going to battle with a rifle in my hand, not a little pistol. This small changed helped the gun stay more stable as I ripped off a few good lanes into some Nebraska corn.

Before Greg would hell at me for shooting his beloved corn we decided to get things going and play our first match. Right off the bat I noticed I was more accurate than I had ever been before. Instead of shooting the guy with the 2nd or 3rd ball, I'd catch him with the first right away giving them no chance to flinch away and hide.

The second improvement I noticed was the air efficiency. I was playing the tall cake on the dorrito side and most of the games my job was to lock off the snake side if we got a G off the break. Basically what that meant was I was shooting 4-5 pods a game easy. With my old GEO, I'd have to fill up after every game. With the new GEO 2 Bolt, I could stay out on the field and run backs to backs if need be.

The gun didn't get an easy first road either. Over the course of the weekend I shot close to 15 cases through it. We got rained on. It got tossed in the mud a few times and generally got beat up like any gun would if you played 9 matches with it. And through all this it kept firing and never missed a beat.

Overall I was very impressed with the small changes that ended up having a huge effect on performance. If you were a fan of the GEO, then the GEO 2 is a must buy. I know there's some diehard EGO fans (aka Todd Morrow) still out there but for those who like the spool valve design, the GEO2 can't be beat right now.


Tech Tip Of The Day from Jack Wood [Planet Eclipse Chief Engineer]

When dealing with Pros it is very important to understand several thing:

1) They have zero mechanical empathy.

2) They have zero technical knowledge.

3) They never NEVER Read The Frickin’ Manual!

OK, so I know it’s a pointless request, and there is no way you are going to do it, regardless of the knowledge that we spend thousands of dollhairs and expend hundreds of man hours and fell countless trees in order to produce it, so to help you out this one time: the screw reduces the magnetic return strength of the trigger when you dial it out, making the trigger pull lighter :-)

Now go and shoot some baddies with it!

Special Thanks to Andy Penner from .. Check out more pics from the X Factor and Vicious Practise and much more here:


  1. The GEO2 is amazing, but what do you expect from the best marker manufacturer in the world.

    Thanks Planet Eclipse - Carl Bortol, Owner Team Vicious

  2. haha, thanks Jack. You're completely right. Most pro's have no idea how anything works.

    George Ocean


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