Pro Tech Tour Euro Road Trip.

This summer Robert will be embarking on a little road trip to spread the word and pass on his tech skills.

Roberts’s first stop is at the Grand Tour in Vienna, Austria on the 24th and 25th July ( where he will be performing his normal excellent Tech duties over the weekend.

Robert will then be off to Warsaw to hold a dealer tech course on the 27th of July in Warsaw organized by Skill Paintball If you are a dealer that would like to attend then please contact Skill Paintball or Robert for more information...

A Couple of days later there will be a basic tech course held in Budapest on the 30th of July, organized by This course is open to the general paintball public and is FREE of charge except for a small donation towards the Tech Class venues cost. For more info on attending the course click this link The Tech Course will be covering the basic knowledge and understanding of all Eclipse paintball markers, basic maintenance and trouble shooting.

Robert is looking forward to seeing everyone on his “Eclipse Euro Road Trip”

If you need any further information on the upcoming tech courses, feel free to ask any questions: