Here at Planet HQ we get a LOT of requests for Sponsorship. It’s not as easy as some people think it is to join the Eclipse family. Some teams are in the Emortal Army because they are the amongst the best Paintball teams in the world. Then there are the teams that ‘Want’ to be the best in the world and Planet Eclipse embarks on this journey with them. It’s impossible for them all to be the best and some quite honestly suck. But it’s great to get to know these teams and to be there by their side as they strive forwards towards their goals….

One of these teams pushing forward to be the best they can be is Amsterdam Sabotage. Planet Eclipse has had the pleasure of supporting Sabotage for the last few years and results are starting to speak for themselves. It’s always great to hear their stories and Amsterdam Sabotage have a great web site ( and also happen to be associated with Go-Beyond so get a bunch of kick ass pics taken as well (

Here is a screen shot of the Amsterdam Sabotage web site… Check it out….If anyone is looking for how to promote there teams then this is a good place to look !!!

Well done on your recent results, I will see you London for that Pint (or two)… You guys must know the right people to get your hands on a GEO2 already ;-)

Thanks to Go-Beyond for the pics !!


  1. No problemo Ledz, thank you and Eclipse for the amazing support! we will grab a pint... or two... ;-)

  2. Am in love with that Geo2, makes it all worth it :)


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