School of Paintball

School of Paintball

School of Paintball was created for those players that didn’t had a facility to develop their game to another level; with a combination of other elements that make paintball and all other sports a completed one. During April 2009, Robert Guzman, owner of Mindbreaker Paintball Field in Puerto Rico, was committed to change paintball in all angles. In the northwest side of the island, there were no facilities with the correct measurements of the PSP fields, besides that all fields were limited to open ONLY on Sundays. He began opening every Monday and every Thursday to emphasize techniques, good physical workout, and giving follow up to the students with their school and college grades; the goal was to have a complete player inside and outside the field.

Having all that covered, Planet Eclipse started helping School of Paintball in all ways possible, having a great Marc Lancia & Billy Bernacchia was sharing with the greatest stars that anyone could meet. They set us up in all the strategies possible for this sport and hard work for physical condition. After all School of Paintball works hard for a great paintball program, I am glad to have players that are students and also great citizens, they don’t only play paintball they also help the community.

After all, we are all School of Paintball !!!

Planet Eclipse is proud to support Mindbreaker Paintball, Team SPK and the School of Paintball. Robert Guzman has done a great job with paintball, in a short time, on the Island of Puerto Rico. He has spread the Planet Eclipse brand name all over the island and has brought many new and upcoming players into the sport. We wish the best of luck to his team, field and his School of Paintball!!