A Ball Euro Champions 2010

Last weekend National Paintball Fields Birmingham England hosted the European A-ball Championships, and we're pleased to announce that one of our faithful amateur teams "The Lucky 15s" managed to bring home first place!

The Lucky 15s conscripted Ulf Mueller of NXE and his friend Joern Windler to form the suitably named Anglo/German team " The Uber 15s". Ainsley Baddeley, Dan Campbell and Luke Paxton from the 15s, along with their newly purchased GEO2s battled alongside their German allies to take the trophy.

The event was quite a show on NPF's fantastic Astro Turf field, with cheerleaders between games, and even Matt Green offering his comic twist on commentary throughout the day! The A-ball field is available for training most weekends and NPF host a monthly A-ball walk-on for teams and individuals alike to come and hone their skills without the mess!

Check out www.thelucky15s.co.uk for more details!

Congratulations guys!

Final Placings:

1st..... The Uber 15s

2nd... NPF Academy

3rd.... London Shock 2


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