Diamond Wars

Intel from the front line has been very sparse over the last few months. Fighting has been intense and messages have either been lost in the fogs of war or too blood soaked to make any real sense. One solid piece of intel has now managed to reach the hands of Major General Ledz at the Mercs training camp deep in the jungle at a secret location..

The Intel reads like this…

The battle is in balance but will Major General Ledz and his band of highly trained Mercs be able to shift the balance of power in favour of the USDE or will the HoffMann Minex step forward to secure the services of Major General Ledz and his Mercs? Nobody knows for sure. All that could be confirmed is that a sizeable force has been seen packing up from the secret training camp and making tracks in the direction of the front line. ETA 25th July 2010.

Is it time for you to draw YOUR line in the sand?????

For more information contact: http://www.nationalpaintballfields.com/ click the 'More' button next to the Dimaond skull on the left where it says Diamond Wars.


  1. This is bad ass. someone should be shooting that blinged out ego you guys made.


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