DoW.... Back on Top !!!

Team DoW (Desperados of Warberg) have been members of the Emortal Army for years now. DoW have gone through a lot of changes over the years and this last couple of seaons have been what could be described as 're-build' years. They dropped out of the Millennium series SPL Division and have decided to work and EARN there way back up the divisions. DoW are now in Div 2 at the Millennium Series and have placed 3rd in Spain, 5th in Germany and now they have there just rewards, taking a well deserved 1st Place at Campaign Cup in the UK...

DoW are also climbing up the podium places on home turf with wins coming from lots of different divisions like at the recent swedish paintball championship "Paintball SM" in Falköping.

Check out the DoW EGO10 !!

Well Done DoW...

To find out more about DoW check out there web site here: