While writing this I can only imagine the sheer volume of dreams and hearts that I will be breaking.

While on vacation in Mexico the other week I arranged a trip to an ancient Mayan Temple in Coba (the tallest temple that you can still climb) after a 3km trek through the jungle we reached the bottom of the temple. At which point the gods (namely Chac the Mayan God of Rain) decided to open the heavens and drench us with very heavy rain. Not being deterred Eilidh and I started the steep climb to the top of the temple. Once at the top we tried to find shelter to take some pictures of the amazing view over the forest and to the other temples in the distance. I took Eilidh down the side of the Temple to see what was behind the room at the top and then took to one knee and asked Eilidh to marry me….. a soaked to the skin Eilidh said YES and made me very happy!!

(I think I have now created a monster.. Wedding plans are full steam ahead, I guess that what you get for asking the Planet Eclipse events coordinator to marry you !)

Thanks to everyone that has already sent us your good wishes…….