The Red Carpet Treatment....

Well....... It's actually green and it's not carpet it's astro turf.

Kristine from the Slagan Bandits sat me down over the weekend of Campaing Cup and inbetween beer and tequila she told me a little about what has been happening in Norway, and the Norwegian Paintball League .....

We are getting more and more spoiled in paintball. I can still remember stumbling around tubes and carrying large and long scuba-tanks deep deep into the woods. Nowadays almost every field has its own compressor, the tubes are long gone and now we even have turf!

A couple of weeks ago, the first leg of the Norwegian League were held at Slagen Paintball. All the Bandits have sacrificed blood, sweat and tears to have the field ready for the weekend. Only a month ago there was worn out grass and muddy spots on the field, this is how it looks like now:

It has been a struggle, and the workload have been massive, for instance; we had to carry out the rubber mats by hand. 8 persons carried a mat on the size of: 2 meters x 4 meters.
Here are some of the pictures of the process:

But it’s safe to say that after the first paint were shoot on the field, we did not think once of all the hard work, only the pleasure of playing on turf.

The tournament went really well, it even rained cats and dogs in the middle of the day, but no one seemed to mind, cos with turf all the way on the players-area and tents for every player, it did not feel like a big hassle.

When it comes to performance, the quality of the teams in the Elite is very high. Everyone has been practicing hard this winter and every game is a fight. Thant is how we like it!

And the proof of that everything can happen; I would never have imagined that the first time the Bandits’ placement was higher than Drammen Solid, is when we have the 5th place and they have the 6th ….

I really love the challenge, a lot of teams are stepping up- This is going to be a great season!

Results from the Latest Norwegian Paintball League Elite Division

1.Mashive Attack

2.Trondheim Dominators

3.Oslo Paintball Members

4.GS Vendetta

5.Slagen Bandits Gold

6.Drammen Solid

7.EPK Armageddon

8.Dow€nfall Elite


10.Molde Extreme

Here is a little video i found as well (i know it's not from this round :-)