WV Relentless getting closer.

Planet Eclipse would like to congratulate one of our new sponsored teams, WV Relentless for finishing 4th in their second event this year. The team is getting stronger by each event they play in and hopefully before the end of the year they will bring home a first place trophy. Congratulations guys and keep up the good work.......

Michael Gabeletto has written this report.......

The MAPL Event #2 Recap
By: Michael Gabeletto
WV Relentless

After a disappointing 9th place finish in the first MAPL event, largely due to my own poor performance, the players of WV Relentless were in high spirits going into the 2nd MAPL event. We had made changes in our tactics, maintained a positive attitude, and put the last event behind us. Our main outlook on the situation was that we were a much better team than what the 9th place score showed and we were using the 2nd event to prove our opinion of ourselves.

The first team that we faced in the 2nd event was a team called G3. Though our tactics and abilities were top notch, we lost quite miserably. Not a very good way to start a tournament, but nevertheless, there was a lot of paintball left to be played throughout the day. Unfortunately, things started to look worse and worse. The second team that we faced hit our dorito player off the break and he did not realize it, causing a penalty that left my snake player alone to fight off 3 opponents. But then our luck changed. Our snake player single handedly eliminated the entire opposing team and bringing us our first win of the day.

What does my snake player receive as a reward for his incredible performance? A concussion from a player on the third team we faced. The irony of the situation is that the player that caused the injury to my teammate was give a major penalty and we were given a free win due to the fact he shot 347 FPS. In addition, that equaled out 2 wins in a row completely on the shoulders of my snake player! My other teammate and I knew that we would have to step up our game if we were going to make it to quarter finals.

For the remaining 5 games, with the exception of another loss to G3, we crushed the opposition without mercy. Our enemies were felled like blades of grass and there was no one that was going to stand in our way. From my teammates controlling the tape lines, to me giving cover fire from back center, we made the quarter finals sitting in 5th place out of 8 that advanced and our morale could not have been higher. We knew that if we kept up our morale and determination, we could not fail.

Our true test of the tournament came when we realized that we were playing G3 in the quarter finals, the only team we did not beat throughout the entire day. We set foot onto the field and began the best of 3 series against them. We had to find a way to beat them and this was now the time to do it. However, though we tried with all our heart, we lost our first match of 3. We now had to win the next 2 games in a row. Fortunately, the next game we hit one of the G3 players off the break and he played on, causing a penalty for his team and destroying their hope of winning that game. It now all came down to one final match between us and G3. My teammate then realized something about G3. “They don’t have a snake player!” he exclaimed. We used that information to form a winning tactic and win we did. We stormed across the field in a blind rage, determined to win and advanced to the semi finals! All seemed like everything was going our way…

As we entered into the semi finals, I became stricken with heat exhaustion. With no substitute player on our team, I had to attempt to play as best as I could. To be perfectly honest, I do not remember the best of 3 series played in the semi finals very well due to my condition, but we lost both games mainly because of me.

We finished the tournament overall in 4th place. Except for my mishap with heat exhaustion, I feel that we all played every well, especially our snake player. We continue to improve more and more with each passing tournament and know that soon enough that we will be holding a 1st place trophy before the year is out.

Overall it was a great improvement from our first event. The gear and Eclipse guns performed flawlessly all weekend. We are preparing for the next event coming and by then I will have my new Etek3 and one of our players pants size will be in so we will be all Eclipsed out. We would like to thank Marc Lancia, Planet Eclipse and Punisher Paintball for the support they have showed a new upcoming team. We look forward to working with them for this year and the future to come.