2 in-a-row for the 187 Crew

It’s not very often that teams win back to back events. When it’s the PSP it’s even more impressive. Team 187 Crew have won the last two PSP (Div 2) events, Chicago and MOA. So if nothing else they need a big shout out and from everyone at Planet Eclipse…


It’s nice to know that Planet Eclipse have done their part. We know too well that we can’t point the markers in the right direction and the players skills have to be up to the task ahead, but it does fill us with pride when the teams that do win tell us this:

“I'm not just saying this because you hooked us up....The guns are amazing.

We've had two events were weather could have been a factor and the guns worked flawlessly. When we got back from Chicago some guns had mud caked into the reg from the little weep hole and still shot fine. It poured buckets for the last match of MAO and the guns worked amazing. Never any issues - straight and fast.”

Well done again, let’s hope the 187 Crew can make it 3 in a row for the big one at World Cup !!