Chacales of Krakus in Argentina

It’s not very often that we get intel from the Argentina, so it’s always nice to hear from our teams of how they are doing and what’s going on… Below is a quick report sent in to us from Claudio Cardaci….

In the early morning of Saturday before the tournament Claudio always holds a Clinic for all new and upcoming players. If you are at the next event please stop by on Saturday and take advantage of the clinic….

The tournament took place in La Liga Paintball on Saturday 7th of August. It was held in one of the best courts in Argentina, in the sports complex KDT directly in the capital. This is where you play 5 ° date of the CSP Tournament Series. CHACALES OF KRAKUS sits in 3rd place overall for the series.

On this occasion the tournament was 3 vs 3, where we participated with two open teams in the same category, limited Paint and semi auto.

Chacales of Krakus played great throughout the entire event and ended up taking 2nd place while their Junior Team, Chacales of Krakus Junior, finished in 4th place.
It was great to see our 2 teams qualify for the quarters, quite an achievement for the junior team with only 4 months of training they managed to go undefeated in the prelims and finished overall 4th place...

We would like to thank Planet Eclipse for supplying us with great markers and gear. We are very appreciative for the support they have giving our team.

Follow team Chacales of Krakus below:



From everyone at Planet Eclipse, Welcome to the Emortal Army and well done !!


  1. For a great season 2010 and 2011 next to you... 1, 2, 3... CHACALESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!


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