GEO2 Production.......

Since the official launch of the GEO2 in June 2010 there has been an unprecedented demand for the Marker. At Planet Eclipse HQ in England the production department have been running at full speed and yet we continue to be unable to satisfy the demand. The truth of the matter is that Planet Eclipse has a limited production capacity; we are not ‘mass producing’ Eclipse High end markers in a 3rd party Chinese factory. Each GEO2 marker is hand built and testing by skilled craftsmen in the UK. This takes time, effort and care. Rapidly increasing production to meet demand at this time could be detrimental to the quality of our product and we are not willing to go down that road.

We would like to apologise to our customers and dealers alike for our inability to supply the demand that we are receiving, but we ask you all, Players, Retailers, Dealers, Distributors and Wholesalers alike to please bare with us. We are continually striving to produce the best Paintball products in the World and hold unparalleled quality in extremely high regard. We will not jeopardise this in the rush to get product out. The time taken is duly needed.

However… there is a plan for the future! Over the last 11 years Planet Eclipse has expanded from 2 units to 5 which we currently occupy and are struggling to fit into. In late 2010 Planet Eclipse HQ will be moving to a new purpose built facility just down the road from our existing factory, in Manchester, England. The NEW facility will enable Planet Eclipse to expand and grow in all departments. This move will ensure that Planet Eclipse customers get an even better service and more of our innovative products will see the light of day. This move will also give us the ability to increase capacity of our hand built markers without compromising on quality.

As a company we ship to all continents of the world, we know you are ALL in need of GEO2’s and we WILL deliver. Backorders are being fulfilled on a strict first come, first served basis. As always, we urge you to place any future orders as soon as possible so we can strive towards filling them.

Planet Eclipse thanks you for your patience and understanding.


  1. Now that's an honest company. I have yet to see any other manufacture that can match PE's quality and consistency. My EGO8 isn't leaving my side 'till I die.

  2. I received mine last week, in New Zealand, and i am stoked with it. Amazing finish, shoots mint right out the box!
    Thanks PE!

  3. 尼采:「一棵樹要長得更高,接受更多的光明,那麼它的根就必須更深入黑暗。」............................................................

  4. I'm from Brazil ... I received mine this week, I offered up an NT ... Prefer Wait ... GeO2 in vein!

    Thanks PE!!

    Hugs to all ...


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