Get your band heard!

Get your band heard! One of the number one comments we have on all our ETV Videos is "what band was that?" Now it could be you!

We are always looking for new new music and new bands, so we'll be running a contest to get your band in an ETV video!

Just email your best song to:

Here are the requirements...

  • Band must be unsigned, and control your own publishing & master usage rights
  • Submit your song by email in mp3 or similar audio file format, no bigger than 5mb.
  • In your email, provide band name, song name, and album title, (if applicable) a brief description of your music, along with 3 "sounds like" artists that you feel your music is similar to.

Example entry.
  • Band: XYZ
  • Song "rippy rippy stab stab"
  • album: none
  • description: We rock your face off with a mix of punk, metal, and ballsout rock.
  • Sounds like: Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Slayer*
(Ok, we are having fun with the example entry, but please be serious and accurate with your submission information)
  • Submissions will be taken until 10th September, 2010. If we haven't received a song we think will be useable, contest will be extended.
All genres will be accepted, but the most likely to get used would be: punk, indie, rock, emo, metal, hip hop (clean lyrics. We don't wanna have to pull a Kanye West at the VMA's in editing because of swear words.)

If you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, would you capture it or just let it slip?? It's up to you to make your own breaks, this is Planet Eclipse trying to give someone a helping hand. Will you reach out and grab it???