Learning By Our Mistakes ?

Here at Planet Eclipse HQ we utterly respect the opinions of our customers and this $20 wristband, no matter how innocently we intended it to be, has caused unrest. We do not want to fool, con, lie to or mislead anyone with any product we produce.

The Power Balance wrist bands may or may not do anything. Nobody here at Planet Eclipse is a Scientist and it could very well be the case that we have been taken in by the hype, though we did actually perform the tests ourselves. Perhaps it was a bad error of judgement to have this product made... So my decision is that I’m not going to sell this item. We have taken this product off-line and we will be contacting the few dealers that have already purchased them in order to give them a full refund. If you have purchased one of the Planet Eclipse Power Balance wristbands and would like a refund please contact the dealer you purchased it from.

As a lot of the critics have said these wristbands could be and possibly are a ‘Placebo Effect’ item, which may be true or not - who knows? All I know is that we tried it ourselves and couldn’t deny the effects. So here’s what I propose….I am going to try and pass on this ‘Placebo Effect’ to our sponsored teams and send them a bunch of the Power Balance wristbands and see what they think. If they do nothing at all, the very least they will do is fulfil their primary function as a cool fashion accessory.

If you feel we have insulted your intelligence we apologise. This was certainly not the intention.

One last word on the matter… I have checked our e-mail account for Planet and there is not a single e-mail saying, “Hey, you do know those wrist bands are a con, don’t you?” If anyone ever has any issues with any items from Planet Eclipse then please try contacting us directly. We are humans and thus are fallible. We make mistakes but we will always listen and learn from these mistakes and do the very best we can to put things right.



  1. Thank God i thought you where going to lose credibility over this, and that would be a shame cause i love your paintball products... that snake oil was not up your ally.

  2. I admire your dedication to your customers Ledz. There are certainly a lot of naysayers and cynics out there even after you've penned this Blog. Keep your head up. The PE folks do quality work and do a lot for paintball. This is what separates PE from everyone else out there.

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  4. I wish BP would respond with such poise and responsibility to issues as PE does.

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