LOD in the Silverware.

On Saturday August 7th Planet Eclipse Sponsored team, LOD, entered the CSP tournament at La Liga Paintball in Argentina. It was held at the KDT Sports complex which is one of the nicest fields in Argentina. The tournament was a 3vs3 event and LOD entered one team for this event. Team LOD had a great event and played hard throughout the entire day competing against another Eclipse Sponsored team, Chacales of Krakus. The LOD finished the event in 3rd place. It was another great event for Planet Eclipse taking him 2nd,3rdand 4th place finishes at this event.

We would like to thank all teams that played in event and would like to give a special thanks out to Team LOD and Chacales of Krakus for both finishing in top 4. Keep up the great work and keep an eye out for Team LOD at the PSP World Cup this year as they are training hard to get ready for the event.