Vipers Tournament Series

The Vipers Tournament Series is a five- leg Venezuelan Tournament Series.

The first event was in Puerto La Cruz City on May 1-2. Twenty teams entered the tournament and they fought hard giving it all they had to try to get to the first place standing .This event was near the Paradise Beaches and malls, giving the players a chance to relax and have some fun off the field as well as on. US Pro players, Nick Slowiak from Aftershock and Brandon Short from LA Ironmen, came down to Venezuela to participate in the tournament and host some paintball clinics, which was great. The team loved playing with them and they put on a great clinic for all the players.

The second event was in Caracas City (San Antonio) on June 4-6. Twenty-eight team’s came to shoot, run and slide on the fields for the three day event. This tournament was held in memory of "JC Henao", a popular Colombian Player, who gave his all to South American paintball. The principal ref was Tony Von Ronne from the USA, who would play the most difficult part of the event.In the finals, eight teams from Division Two, played hard and smart to get the first place. After all the struggles and games the results look like this:

2-WayOut, Colombia
3-Lluvia Negra

1-Hell Knights

The next leg of the series will be in Valencia City (and will adopt the PSP format) on September 17th-19th, followed by another Caracas City event (using the NPPL 7-man format) on November 13th-14th (Date tentative),and one final event in December on 11th-12 (location to be confirmed).

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The overall winner of this series in Division Two will get free entry to the Brazilian Cup in December and the winning team in Division Three will receive five ETEK LT markers!

Congratulations to both our Teams Fusion and Blackout for their 1 and 2 place Victories.

Emortal Army FTW !!!

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