Great Blog Tool.. SnapIt

I have just posted up my 300th Blog post and wanted to share with anyone that cares a great little program that has made my life a bit easier. Not just creating blogs but also finding and sending the correct bits of info to people… The program is called SnapIt Screen Capture. In a nutshell instead of using print screen and it giving you either nothing at all or the whole screen (as you would expect), after downloading Snapit Screen Capture when I press print screen a cross hair appears and I can click, drag and select the exact bit of the screen I want..I Love it and if you make blogs it might be a great tool for you too?

Check it out here:


  1. Not using Win7 yet? There's a program called "Snipping Tool" that does exactly what that program does.

  2. On my mac, I just press (Shift + Command + 4) and I get the cross hairs. What OS are you running Ledz? Most systems come with that feature built in.


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