Impacto Assassins very YOUNG guns.

Planet Eclipse would like to congratulate, Impacto Assassins, who are based out of Peru for the 3rd place finish at the last LAPPL Regional Event. Impacto Assassins are a new and upcoming team in Peru. They are only 11-15 years old and this is their first year playing together as a team. This is their 2nd top 4 finish in the last 2 events and they are beating out teams that are much older and have been around for a while now. It’s great to see some new younger players out there in the tournament scene.

On September 4th and 5th in Lima, Peru, Team Impacto Assassins, played in the LAPP regional’s finale. Impacto Assassins, sponsored and supported by Impacto Sports, placed 3rd overall beating D3 teams and they were the only D5 team in the event so they had to compete against higher ranked teams. In the first round on Saturday, they played 9 games placing first overall that day, defeating every team. On Sunday they made it all the way to the quarters and just missed the cut for the Semis. The kids were exhausted and tired from playing all day, remember, they are only 11yrs. through 15yrs of age and still marked the heck out of everybody. A very impressive performance, applauded by everyone, and nothing but discipline in and out of the field. My coaching staff and I were invited to help teams from other provinces for the incoming year. As I said they were very impressed with what we have done with these kids in 5 months. Impacto Assassins will be attending the next CSP event which is in Guayaquil Ecuador.

Good luck in the CSP!!