SABOTAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So how much paintball can you stick in one weekend.

Let me tell you A LOT, besides the compulsory sleep and food required to stay alive and perform we were living and breathing paintball all weekend. Competing out in Germany for the DPL 2nd Bundesliga on Saturday and finishing the Dutch paintball series the NPL on our hometurf on Sunday. On top of that anyone who wasn’t playing on the field were reffing two events as well. That should be enough for your average Sabotage weekend.

On Saturday we went back to compete in the DPL 2nd Bundesliga with JE factory. This time with it being back in Solms as intended with only a four hour drive instead of the 6 or 9 hour drives. With a single goal for the day, reclaim our number one spot in the series which we lost the last leg dropping a game we should never have dropped. It was going to be an interesting day we had to play four games with our first game up against the guys whom took over our number 1 spot, the Roosters. The First game we went out with a flying start racking up 3 points in a row, destroying them left and right. But then the penalties started flying. Having only picked up like 3 to 4 penalties throughout the whole season (something we were proud of) we managed to collect a whopping 6 penalties during the remainder of the game… This made the game much more exciting then needed allowing them to even it up and even bring it back into overtime. Were we finally managed to outrun some reffs and pick up that win. Having taken down the toughest opponent of the day we kept on running the remaining teams into the ground with 4-0,4-2 and 4-2. Having won all 4 games of the day we completed our goal of the day, regaining the top spot. With only one more event to go and our current score of only two losses we managed to secure our season goal as well, promotion to the 1st Bundesliga for next season where we can finally duke it out with a number of CPL teams.

The next day we were up for the last event of the Dutch series the NPL. With both leading teams Sabotage and Xistence not having lost a single game yet we were left to fight each other at the end of the day for the big prize. However while we were cruising though our games they lost their first two games of the day, pretty much handing us the crown already. When we finally got on the field for everyone’s highly anticipated battle of the giants it proved to be a bit of a dissapointer, with us running them down 3-0. And so completing our first series of the season with a flawless record, winning all games and losing only 5 points over the whole series.

So some weekends you’ve got it all and believe me this weekend we got it.
In short, we managed to get back into the driver seat and securing our promotion to the DPL 1st Bundesliga with JE factory for next year, and Amsterdam Sabotage being Crowned the Dutch champions of 2010!

Off course such weekends and performances can’t be done without our Sponsors,
So a special txs to our sponsors:
Paintball Direct, Planet Eclipse, Tanked, JE, Go beyond, Rockstar and Hoodlamb.

And to PBXS, Paintball direct, Paintball de Naaldhof and the reffs offcourse for making the NPL rock!

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