Swiss Teams Update....

Mathias Häcki from Three4One droppen me an e-mail the other day letting me know how well a couple of the Three4One teams have done this year.

“Team Dirty Sanchez earned after a great and strong season the Swiss M5 Overall Novice title. Their M3 rookie team also had great season and they also won the overall Swiss M3 Rookie title”

Andreas Profos from Dirty Sanchez says: “Due of the great support we get from Three4One we had a chance to switch all players on to using Planet Eclipse markers. Currently we have anything from the Ego7 up to the Ego10 and Geo2 in usage. All of those markers were running great all season long and were a big part in winning so many tournaments and the overall title this year. We are very happy to be part of the Eclipse family and look forward to another season with the best markers out there.”

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From everyone at Planet Eclipse… WELL DONE !!!!

The Basel City Snipers are another Swiss team that was successful this year.
They played the German XPSL South League where they could earn the overall 3 Man title.

The BCS are a great team who also tries to get a lot of new people involved into paintball. Just recently they organized their second paintball tournament for people without any knowledge of our sport. People who never played before had some fun days out and loved to have fun in a great setup place. Way to go to promote the sport!... Clikc the link below for BCS and look for the ‘Paintbrawl’ Info.

Olli Wymann from BCS says: “Our team uses different Eclipse Ego versions and some Etek markers. All of them were running flawless all season long and supported our team on the way to the title win. It really helps if you can trust your equipment and can just focus on doing your job on the field”

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Hats off to BCS for not only winning but also for bring Paintball (and thus joy) to none paintballs… WELL DONE !!!!

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The Emortal Army Rolls On !!