You need Brute Force to 'Take the Town'

On August 28th, 2010. Take the Town V took place. Brute Force Captain, Mike Revelle sent us this report:

We arrived at P&L Paintball for the fifth annual Take the Town event early morning just a few minutes after the sun came up over the trees. Jarrad Gilbert and myself driving all of the boxes, canopies, gear, and miscellaneous supplies that help make events run smoothly. Some of the members including Cameron Eames, Matt Marcoccio, Danny St Pierre, and Bryce McCarthy arrived the night before to camp out, hang out with our fellow defenders for some good old fashion shenanigans.

Take the Town has quickly become our favourite event of the season and one we would never miss. Having personally attended the original Take the Town’s I and II hosted by the teams Pub Crawling and Horror Show; they set the bar with an excellent event with awesome 4 to 1 odds stacking the attacker’s team. However over the last four instalments the record for defenders being able to hold the town for only 41 minutes.

This year we were determined to set a new record! Having Steel Reserve, CTC, Fuzzy Bunnies, Massholes, and other teams we destroyed the record of 41 minutes and successfully held the town for over 2 hours and 30 minutes! Throughout the entire time only ONE attacker was able to briefly step inside the town!

But it wasn’t without sweat and hard work, having stationed Brute Force on the left wing of the town both upstairs and downstairs positioned perfectly to optimize the fact that zero attackers being able to get inside. Take the Town has one principle that determines success and that’s simply being able to keep more bodies alive on the field longer, whoever stands longer wins the game that means air, getting shot, and paint. Having played this game four previous times I know that it was detrimental to our success to keep as much paint on the field at once to keep everyone playing.

We had every single advantage we could think of; Planet Eclipse EGOs and ETEKs the most air efficient markers in the world, I mean the EGO10 can last with a 4500 HPA tank over 15+ Pods. Exalt Pants with padding that promotes bouncing so in the chance that someone gets a lob ball threw a window our chances of getting out are slim to none, Exalt Feedgates making us able to reload faster keeping the ropes going, Energy Batteries with their proven optimized performance with paintball equipment ensuring our markers and hoppers flowing smoothly, Pinokio Hoppers with 230 or 400 ball capacity! And finally Planet Eclipse Lowland gear bags.

Now you’re probably asking how is a gear bag going to help you out on the field. Well having carried a backpack for the first 15 minutes of the game I quickly realized that the 15 pods in my backpack were not going to suffice our appetite for paint. I ran back to our compound and emptied out Tommy Ferraro’s lowland gear bag filling it with as many of the 200 pods we brought to the field that day as I could. Having at least 80-100 pods stuffed into the bag I dragged it out onto the field, and into the town positioning it on the front lines. Members of Brute Force would run to me drop their empty pods into the bag and gather full pods keeping them going longer! I successfully brought 8 bags full of pods onto the field during our two and a half hour defence of the notoriously hard to defend town making sure that the only reason for Brute Force to exit the field was to get more air or water!
In conclusion, Take the Town 5 was an incredible event hosted by Steeel Reserve and PnL Paintball in Bridgewater Massachusetts! This is one event we won’t miss next year!

Mike Revelle, Captain
Team Brute Force

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