#1 Team in New England - OFFICAL

Planet Eclipse would like to congratulate upTon 187 cRew on a great showing at the NEXL. That makes it 3 events played this season and 3 events won this season for upTon. We’d like to wish them luck as they prepare for the upcoming PSP – The World Cup. Lets make it 4 for 4 1st place finishes!!!

Having not participated in the NEXL up till now, upTon 187 cRew decided to enter the 5th and final NEXL event of the season. Better known as the B.O.N.E. – Best Of New England. They had one goal in mind for the day – to stake their claim to 1st place and be called the Best Of New England.

The day started off fast as upTon 187 cRew took to the field against RONHIC. Tim Irvin and his crew fought hard but in the end the accuracy of the EGO was too much for them to overcome and the match ended 5 to 0 in upTon’s favor. The second match of the day was what everyone had been waiting for – upTon 187 cRew vs The New England Hurricanes. As you walked around the Maynard Paintball Club you could hear everyone talking about how much they wanted to watch this match. For those in attendance it was not a disappointment. The match was hard fought and points went back and forth. The match was tied 3 to 3 with roughly 1 minute on the clock. The Canes were able to successfully hang the flag with 2 second remaining to grab the victory and leave upTon at 1 win and 1 lose for the day. upTon needed the 3rd match to put themselves in a position to make playoffs. More importantly they needed to preserve their point spread as well. The final prelim match was against Revelation. From the opening horn to the closing bell – this match was all upTon 187 cRew. The points came fast and before you knew it the match was over with a final score of 5 to 0 in favor of upTon.

upTon 187 cRew managed to qualify for the finals in 4th place and were slated to face Boston Bloodline – the home team from Maynard Paintball Club. Bloodline capitalized on some penalties against upTon and quickly jumped on top 3 to 0. However, when the ends were switched and the play resumed upTon made a 180 degree turn taking the next 3 points and tying up the match 3 to 3. With only a few minute of match time left it was still anyone’s game. upTon managed to get the next point to lead 4 to 3 and held off a quick push on the final point to run out the clock and win the match.

The finals were a rematch of an earlier prelim game – upTon 187 cRew vs The New England Hurricanes. The crowds gathered to watch the two titans battle it out for 1st place and the overall title of Best Of New England. The teams traded the first two points and had a no point for the 3rd game. When the ends where switched the two teams proceeded to do the exact same thing – they split two points and had a draw on the 3rd game as time ran out. This left the match set at 2 to 2 and heading into overtime. When the pressure was on and the only thing that mattered was the one point in front of them upTon 187 cRew was able to win the point and be crowned the Best of New England

We would like to thank Planet Eclipse and all of our other sponsors for supplying us with great product this year. Thanks for all the support.