CBP Report !!

On August 21st and 22nd Mega Play Paintball held the second to last event of the CBP Series in Brazil. 24 teams came from around the country to compete against each other and enjoy a sport they all love to play. Mage Play Paintball changed the format slightly for this event to best suit the number of teams that have entered the tournament. They hold2 divisions: Open and Amateur

Open Team Ninjinhas Black, Eclipse Sponsored Team, finished Saturday’s prelims games in first place. Ninjinhas Black was playing some great paintball as a team on Saturday and now they just needed to keeping it rolling into Sundays finals.

In the Amateur Division Ninjinhas JR, Eclipse Sponsored Team, was one of the top 2 teams to finish Saturday with the highest score.

Sunday was an important day for all teams playing. The way they finished was key for their standings in the Series finals event.

Bring on the finals! The adrenaline of the players goes up as the day begins and finals are about to start. Every team playing wants to win and go into the series finals ranked as high as possible. As intensity heats up so does the arguments with the reffs. As every player thinks they are always right and the reffs calls are always wrong. This is the sport, this is paintball, and the cool thing is that out of it all prevails respect between the teams, reffs and Mega Play Paintball. The Raptors defeated Junior Black Ninjinhas and got the 3rd place and the Braves defeated Ninjinhas Delta in the last match and became champions of the Amateur division

In the Open, Ninjinhas Delata defeated Rapinas and secured 3rd place. The JBZ emerged victorious from the last game of the day against the Mercenaries and were the champion of the Open division.

I must emphasize the importance of this championship in the national scene and a great commitment of its founders, Rodrigo Fukuoka, which for the second year this event keeps growing despite the difficulties.

Thanks to the team of judges who have been doing a great job reffing in the league. We wouldn’t be able to do it without you guys.

Thanks to staff for working with us to make CBP, to our sponsors Dye and Planet Eclipse and finally the players who love this sport and also sacrifice themselves able to be here.

Thanks guys, hope to see you in December in the last stage of the CBP 2010!

The pictures from the event you can find here: CLICK For Pics !!!