DoW Keeping it real !

Team DoW were proud to represent Planet Eclipse at the latest Big Game held by Topgun Paintball in Saxtorp. Attending the Big Game where no less than 315 paying customers. So what were we doing there you ask?? Well let me enlighten you.

Team DoW had a small presentation at the beginning of the day of who we are and what Planet Eclipse is. We showed of our Dow Design Ego10 as a little sneak peak. After that the players were welcome to borrow a marker from the selection of six Ego10s, one Geo2 and two Etek3s, free of charge for one game. The feedback was great and the guns hardly had time to land on our table before someone else wanted to feel the power behind the light sabres we call Ego, Geo and Etek.

At the end of the day when we all were worn out and ready for some R&R we still had one last surprise. The people who had borrowed a marker from us got to attend a lottery in which they could win a product from Planet Eclipse. Six happy campers went home with either a player’s jersey, bandana or cap.

Team DoW would like to thank Topgun Paintballbana for having us; Tibbe and Sissos pro shop for sharing a tent with us, the DoW members who help make this day a success and last but not least, Planet Eclipse for providing us with their high-end markers and equipment!

Thanks a lot!

Team DoW

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