Eclipse One2One at World Cup

At the PSP World Cup in Orlando, Planet Eclipse will have two new features in the booth.

The first is an Eclipse E-Portal Station that will allow players to experience Eclipse E-Portal for themselves, hands-on. You’ll be able to upgrade firmware, adjust parameters and even download a new splash screen onto any compatible marker, FREE OF CHARGE.
As always, our Techs will be on hand to help customers get out onto the field and shoot some fools. Unfortunately they don’t always have the time to sit and chat about the best way to set up a marker for individual tastes and so the idea for our second new feature was born - the One2One.

For the first time ever we will be giving customers a chance to have a One2One with a Planet Eclipse Pro Tech. The idea of this One2One is that you will be able to book a time slot during which you can sit down and talk face-to-face with a Pro Tech and ask him anything you like about Eclipse Markers. If you want to know how to set your trigger, fine-tune your de-bounce filters, sweet-spot your regulator, maximise efficiency or reduce kick then here’s a chance to find out. The One2One will be a 15 minute time slot and you can bring up to two friends with you (3 people max). During your time you can ask pretty much anything you like - it’s your time - and if the Tech can help you to understand our markers better then our job is done. So, get your thinking caps on; the question that has been bugging you for ages or one that will win you a bet could soon be answered face to face through One2One.

The Golden One2One time slots. The Pro Tech at any of the time slots could be one of six or seven techs. But on Thursday there will the chance to sit down with the two main designers of the Eclipse Markers. In the morning sessions you can chat and ask Steve ‘Flash’ Monks whatever you like about the Electronics / Software side of the markers and in the afternoon you can ask Jack Wood whatever your heart desires about the Mechanical / Pneumatic side of the markers. Jack and Flash may well be the Pro Techs at other times but these two sessions are specifically for people that really want to ask questions about the design side. So if you’re curious about why we don’t make gas-through grip-frames, want to know how the Deftek feed works or why we don’t use rechargeable batteries in our markers then these are the guys to speak to.

So how do you book in? Simply come over to the booth to see what times slots are available and book your slot. You will be given a One2One Voucher that you need to bring with you to the session. Try to be there 10 minutes before your slot and you’re away. Be warned that if you’re late you will lose your slot and that there is a limit of one slot per session in order for us to see as many people as possible over the World Cup weekend. Bookings will be taken from 12:00 Midday on Wednesday.

We will also be announcing additional time slots that will be added as extras or become available via twitter. So please subscribe to the Planet Eclipse twitter account now.

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  1. Please, someone record Jack's & Flash's responses to the questions.


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