Hartford Eclipse Undefeated

Possibly the "Coolest" X-Ball League in New England Area.

Team Hartford Eclipse, sponsored by Camelot Paintball, has just finished up the first season of the ERFOA Series. The ERFOA series went back to the old school Xball Format with 20min halves and 15BPS Ramping. It was a great series with about 16 teams total this year. With a great job this year it will be great to see the series expanding next with more teams signing up.

Team Hartford Eclipse went 13-0 for the year giving them the first place finish for the series. Team Hartford Eclipse was made up of all local players and even some washed up ex Pro Hurricane players.....At least every other team thought they were washed up but after a great season we can see there is still a little game left in all of them :-)

Hartford Eclipse would like to thank Camelot Paintball for supporting and sponsoring the team and Fox4 Paintball for putting on some great events.

For more info on the series please check the links below. Dates for next seasons ERFOA will be posted on the web site next week…….


Hartford Eclipse would like to thank there sponsors for there support this season:

Planet Eclipse
Camelot Paintball

As well as the help and support from Coach and Owner, Chad Farnham.

Hartford Eclipse player line up is: Chris Wedge, Elijah Shalome, Marc Lancia, Brian Gigliotti, Jon Whitcomb, Dan Savoie, Daniel Seto, Eric Gigliotti, Tito Buckley.

Check out some Head Cam action of Hartford Eclipse...... (well Elijah Shalome Really):