CBP Event # 4 Dates & Info + Nicky T

It’s not every day that you get an opportunity to head out to a far off land for a long weekend, under the guise of work, so when I was asked if I would like to go to Sao Paulo in Brazil to represent Eclipse at one of the country’s biggest paintball events of the year – I literally jumped at the chance! Having experienced (and survived) a couple of South American tours of duty to the likes of Columbia and Venezuela, I’m keen to add the proverbial Brazil flag to my list of countries to visit, and Mega Play Paintball have kindly provided the opportunity to do exactly that on the weekend of the 4th/5th December.

For those of you who don’t already know it, Mega Play are the latest edition to our network of Eclipse Service Centres throughout the world and the opportunity to visit their store, check out the Brazilian paintball scene as well as combining that with a trip to my favorite continent was just too good to pass up! Prior to heading to Sao Paulo I will be filling my bag on the latest and greatest trinkets from Eclipse and plan on taking an Ego11 and Geo2 with me so that anyone who wants to try them out can gladly do so. As well as the best markers available I’ll also be stocking up on as much Eclipse promo gear as I can stuff into my bag so if you’re planning on coming along to the event then make sure that you stop by the Eclipse Tech Support Booth there or catch me as I’m wondering around the event to get your Eclipse hook-ups!

To give you a rough outline of roughly when I’ll be there and what I’m likely to be doing here is my itinerary so far:

Friday 3rd December: Field walking and game plans with Eclipse Teams and demonstrating the Ego11 and Geo2

Saturday 4th December: Teaching basic maintenance to Ego/Geo owners at the Eclipse Tech Support Booth and demonstrating Ego11 and Geo2

Sunday 5th December: Teaching basic maintenance to Ego/Geo owners at the Eclipse Tech Support Booth and demonstrating Ego11 and Geo2

Monday 6th December: Store visit to our newest Brazilian Service Centre: Mega Play!

The final ulterior motive for making the trip is to collect some footage of the experience for the first in a very special series of ETV’s documenting paintball across the globe and the characters associated with it! So if there are any South American players out there who want to make a name for themselves; here’s your chance! I look forward to seeing some very familiar faces and meeting lots of new ones there in just over three week time, so travel safe and I’ll see you there!

Nicky T